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Alto Piemonte and native varieties: a gift we cherish

Producing wine is to us a way of cherishing an amazing gift: our native grape varieties together with Alto Piemonte, the unique environment these grapes chose to make their «home, sweet home» centuries before we arrived.


As our own appreciation of this gift grows, we hope that our commitment towards our own terroir and the local community shows itself in our wine range

Our message in a bottle

Through each individual label, we try to capture the unique aromas and flavors that show you  the outstanding potential of Alto Piemonte. And so we hope our wines bring you pleasure and  encourage you to explore our vibrant and welcoming region. We hope you enjoy them in  meaningful ways, in the company of your favorite people and dishes. Wherever you are in the  world, we hope our passion reaches you as a real message in a bottle


CONTACT US / +39 393 8575035 / +39 (0)322 87116

Lun -Sab / Mon - Sat: 9:00- 17.00

Thank you for reaching out!

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